Meet Dorset’s New Sustainability Champions

These committed individuals from across Dorset each have a unique way of working within their community, but what they share is a common aim to see a more sustainable Dorset. They have been recruited as volunteer Sustainability Champions and if you’re looking for local information or advice on sustainability then these are the people to speak to.

Sustainability Champions – the local link to all things Sustainable in Dorset

This new initiative from Sustainable Dorset aims to build a rich and vibrant network of Sustainability Champions across Dorset. Each Champion will represent their own local area, whilst together creating a county-wide collaborative partnership to share and support sustainability in the region.

Angela Fendley, Community Engagement Officer for Sustainable Dorset says “Having this network of Sustainability Champions is a great way of learning and sharing innovative ideas and ways of working, and allows us to keep abreast of all that is happening across Dorset.”

Pam can help you get to grips with sustainable food; Soo is a pioneer for renewable energy; Theresa can help you discover permaculture and community gardening. You might want to know how to get something repaired; or find your local Green Drinks; campaign about environmental issues; try out an electric bike; or know where to recycle those unwanted items. Wherever you are in Dorset or whatever it is you’re looking for, Dorset’s Sustainability Champions will either know the answer or certainly know someone who will, or where to find out.


Sustainable Dorset is the new website of a local charity working throughout Dorset to raise awareness, connect communities and nurture resilience, and acts as a central hub for all sustainable and resilient activity from across the county.Today we face a huge global climate change problem never before experienced in human history. However, the solutions can come from much closer to home and there are exciting new opportunities that exist to help build a better world.

More Information

You can visit the website to connect with the Champions and to find out about sustainable news and events from across Dorset. Please also get in touch if you would like to become a Sustainability Champion or if you have a sustainable project or initiative you would like us to feature. Maybe you would like the Champions to come to your event where they can share their passion and knowledge of all that is happening in the region.