First, let’s introduce Avi Levy. He joined the genocidal Israeli occupation forces at 18. He had been dreaming about it since he was 6, according to his interview with Israeli television uploaded below. What kind of parents would so indoctrinate a young boy, by the age of 6, that he wanted to participate in ethnic cleansing? The answer is his parents: Julian and Sian Levy, who are said to be on the ‘board’ of the UK Friends of the Association for the Wellbeing of Israel’s Soldiers. (Registered Charity No. 1084272). This is a charity which raises and sends money to the occupation forces. There appears to be no public listing of who else is on this ‘board’. Julian and Sian may well have been influential in radicalising their son to engage in acts which might plausibly be defined as genocide. If so, surely the local @terrorismpolice (formerly known as the Special Branch) should be interested in this apparent radicalising process?

Julian and Sian are also said to be ‘amongst the most important’ supporters of UK AWIS. Certainly, they appear to have made multiple donations. One was for a ‘mobile synagogue’ and another a ‘living space’ for genocidaires of the ‘IDF’. The former was made in the name of all four of the Levy’s children Avi, Jamie, Rachel and Daniel, while the latter was made in the name of just Rachel and Daniel on the occasion of their Bat and Bar Mitzvah which usually take place at the ages of 12 or 13. The video below, downloaded from the AWIS Facebook page and re-uploaded here in case the charity attempts to cover its tracks, has some key details from an Israeli TV broadcast. Try and watch it. The sheer horror of radicalising children as young as six years old into genocidal Zionism is something of which most British citizens have very little knowledge. It is now time for us to face up to the very real threat that this poses to British citizens who support Palestinian rights, as well as British Palestinians and British Muslims.

It is an outrage that this charity gets tax relief and is allowed to operate in the UK.

Please write to the Charity Commission, asking them:

1. To examine whether UK AWIS is fulfilling its charitable objectives;

2. Whether it provides “public benefit” and whether this is outweighed by the obvious harm that the IDF is being enabled and supported to do by the charity.

3. Whether supporting a foreign army is regarded as a charitable purpose by the Charity Commission, given its statement in 2016 that “Whilst support for the United Kingdom’s armed forces is a charitable purpose, support of foreign armed forces is not a charitable purpose for a charity based in England or Wales to further.”

Here is the link to complain.…

David Miller

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