More than a million migrants and refugees crossed Europe in late 2015 sparked a crisis in which all the countries had to struggle to cope with the influx and by creating a division in the EU over how to deal with the people who are resettling in the countries all around Europe. A vast majority of people has migrated from different parts of the world mainly by sea or some of them also travelled by land mostly via Turkey and Albania. Even the winter season was not able to stop the increasing number of emigrants and later it was reported that in the starting of 2016 about 135,711 people emigrated and reached different parts of Europe by sea.

Which countries are migrants from? There are multiple countries which are facing a current social and economic crisis which is a big cause of people being driven out of there, for instance, the conflict in Syria is far most the biggest driver of migration along with the ongoing violence in different areas of Afghanistan and Iraq, abuses in Eritrea along with the poor economic condition with an increasing rate in poverty in Kosovo, people are moving out of those places to look for someplace else so they can spend their lives elsewhere. The top ten origins of people applying for asylum in the EU are categorized as Syria Afghanistan Iraq Kosovo Albania Pakistan Eritrea Nigeria Iran Ukraine Where are migrants going? Although  not all of the migrants are looking for space in asylum and do not prefer to live in asylum but most of them do, recently Germany was reported as the highest receiver of asylum applications in which about 476,000 people submitted their applications for their stay in the asylum but the real amount of people is much more than that apparently Germany has become an easy place for people to come over and stay. Hungary is ranked in the second place as it recorded about 177,130 applications for the stay in asylum so more people are migrating to Hungary overland by making their journey through Greece and the Western Balkans.

Non-EU nationals arriving for study: According to the Immigration Solicitor Manchester, international students such as from the countries around the world may soon be able to travel freely under the European council, they may also be able to work freely during their studies as a new visa directive was passed recently. The idea behind this move is to particularly harmonize EU entry and residence rules to make it more attractive and easier from third countries to live in Europe by doing different researches regarding their school projects at different EU universities. The international organization for migration recorded that about 1,011,700 migrants arrived by sea and 34,900 by land, these figures do not include those migrants which were left undetected. Most migrants travel by sea and it was noticed that which paths or routes are chosen by most of the migrants such as most of them heading for Greece take the relatively short voyage from Turkey to the islands of Kio’s, Chios, Lesvos and Samos.

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