This is ITN! No really it is an ITV news report.

I cannot imagine how benign the planet must be at this time that this is a leading article in the corporate news media.

They would not be trying to distract us would they?

A massive planet murdering corporation has run out of milkshake because 52% of the voting population decided that the country would suddenly cure all of its ills by leaving a union of countries that were also controlled by large corporations and that said large corporations would now leave the UK alone.

No really they thought that. Which is why these same folk now want to be distracted by milkshakes that they cannot get because of their said vote even though they believed the promises that milkshake would not be impacted.

In other news The Walking Dead is returning for its final series.

Just in case anyone is still confused as to why the shelves are not being re stocked

Douglas James


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