If there is a reason for a revolution right here, right now this is it. These vile sociopaths rise to the top like sewage from an army barracks and then have the temerity to pronounce to us what they want to do with our lives and how they should be led.


Which evil organisations hang out in Tufton Street?

Tufton Street is a street located in the City of Westminster in London, United Kingdom. While it may seem like a simple street, it has gained some notoriety for being the location of several influential think tanks and organisations that are often associated with conservative and libertarian political ideologies.

Some of the prominent organisations based on Tufton Street or in close proximity include:

  1. The TaxPayers’ Alliance: A British grassroots campaign group that advocates for lower taxes and government spending.
  2. The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA): A free-market think tank that promotes classical liberal and libertarian economic ideas.
  3. The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS): A think tank that supports free-market economic policies and is often associated with the Conservative Party in the UK.
  4. Civitas: An independent think tank that focuses on issues related to democracy, political philosophy, and public policy.
  5. The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF): A climate change skepticism organisation that questions the mainstream scientific consensus on climate change.
  6. The European Foundation: An organisation that promotes free-market and Eurosceptic views.

It’s important to note that these organisations often hold distinct policy positions and are not affiliated with each other, but they are located in close proximity on Tufton Street, which has led to the street being associated with conservative and libertarian thought in the UK. It has also been the centre of some controversy and debate due to the political and ideological positions of these organisations.

If there is another great fire in London, cross your fingers that it starts at one end of Tufton Street and does us all a favour.

None of there ideas work on a planet populated by billions. It creates chaos and conflict that ultimately leads to destruction. All the worst things happening environmentally and socially are because of these ideological psychopaths and the world needs to unite against them quickly.

Douglas James

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