Mr and Mrs Rees Mogg: Wildlife terrorists

We couldn’t quite believe it when we received a tip off from an annoyed constituent that Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg was holding a meet of the Mendip Farmers’Hunt at his home at Gournay Court, West Harptree. But there they all were this morning gathered in the grounds! Of course his wife, Helena, was a master of this hunt from 2012/2014.

We were very happy to be joined by our friends from Bristol Hunt SaboteursBath Hunt Saboteurs.Image may contain: tree, sky, grass, plant, outdoor and nature

The hunt left the meet after 11:20 and headed south down Ridge Lane then Western Lane/Monarchs Way and Lamb Leer Cavern then north towards East Harptree – very close to where they hunted last Saturday; the poor foxes in this area haven’t had much respite. Our group saw a fox getting out of the way of the hunt, luckily they hadn’t seen him or her and hadn’t picked up the scent.

The hunt moved fast and covered a large area trying to gain distance from their many chaperones but groups worked together to share locations and ensure the hunt had company for most of the day.

Whilst scouting around for the hunt near Baker Hill Wood we stumbled upon a horrible scene – in two nearby locations were squirrels which had been killed and strung up by their necks – one had been freshly killed, Pheasant feeders were nearby and we believe these poor squirrels had been killed by the gamekeeper. People don’t realise when they support ‘game shooting’ that they also support the persecution of wildlife.Image may contain: plant, tree, sky, outdoor and nature

In much the same way hunts also routinely target badger setts; Bristol Hunt Sabs found a sett close to the hunt which had been partially blocked.

We hope his constituents will be making a complaint about Jacob Rees-Mogg supporting this law breaking hunt. We find it curious and disturbing that an elected representative should be so blatantly complicit in what is clearly an illegal act.

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