Mr Bumble’s Thought Emporium

Mr Bumble’s Thought Emporium: PODCAST

It’s easy to think of a person with mental health issues as never having been ‘normal’; merely a sad part of the scenery – and therefore accepted, or worse: stepped over and ignored.

This dramatised reading is designed to provide a wake-up call to the very real issues relating to mental illness and the traumatic effect it has on families. It is told from the point-of-view of a kid brother who, at first, shies away from sharing the support of his ailing sister, then eventually takes on the ultimate responsibility.

‘Mr Bumble’s Thought Emporium’, although a story in its own right, is adapted from a chapter taken from Martin Ison’s novel: ‘How I Set Fire To My Eyebrows’ (available on Amazon – just search Martin Ison there), and has been used as required reading on a University course in Forensic Psychology, giving background to the very real issues relating to mental health today.

Matt Thompson – Martin Ison
Mr Bumble – Martin Ison
Bethany – Claire Jones
Psychiatrist – Matt Black
Commentator 1 – Matt Black
Commentator 2 – Martin Ison
Nurse – Maggie Player
Doctor – Martin Gallimore

Music by Allen Grey

Written, narrated and produced by Martin Ison

Mr Bumble’s Thought Emporium: PODCAST