Common sense dictates that a doubling of industrial global infrastructure will only further the ecological crisis. #NetZero is the continuation of the industrial-capitalist system being restructured under the fourth industrial revolution architecture. The Global South serves, and will serve, as the continued sacrifice zone.

Nicholas Stern, Green Horizon Summit: “Green growth is not only essential for our future on this planet it is also the growth story of the 21st century. Second, there’s such great urgency and scale that the world’s infrastructure will double roughly speaking in the next 15 or 20 years.”

“Net Zero” is the financialization of nature, global in scale. A new asset class. The monetization of human and social “capital” will follow.

The campaigns and slogans funded to achieve this include New Deal For Nature (now Global Deal For Nature) and sister organisation Voice for the Planet (led by World Economic Forum, WWF, and Al Gore), the Global Nature Pact, 30 x 30, Nature Positive, Natural Climate Solutions, and Nature Based Solutions.

“Net Zero” is the unlocking of pensions to pay for fourth industrial revolution infrastructure. [see 2021 “Net Zero Pension Summit”] Carbon capture storage is a massive part of this infrastructure, as are nuclear and biomass. (See work of Michael Swifte) Carbon markets will play a massive role.

“Net Zero” has nothing to do with zero emissions.

“Net Zero” is the utilization of holistic linguistics by the global elite to obtain the social license they require. This is achieved via emotive and illusory marketing, branding, and storytelling delivered by influencers, politicians, NGOs, and the media. The world of sycophants is proliferating in rapid fashion.

One can call the restructuring of the global capitalist economy the “great reset,” building back better, green new deal, Global Green New Deal – it matters little. All roads lead to deep sea mining, continued annihilation of biodiversity and ecosystems, and the corporate capture of what life the ruling class deems to be of value.

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