The far right play with their loins every night to the sound of Nigel Farage and his anti immigrants speeches. They really are the most ignorant, distracted, bigoted bunch of goons who are killing humanity with anger and hate.

Prime time television with privileged obese white people churning out the same sh** day in day out. The beautiful thing to remember though is at then end they return to the same soil as everyone else.

BTW Youtube have removed the brilliant John Culshaw sketch of Eamonn Holmes eating the GMB sofa. Shame as it sums up the vacuous lump perfectly.

And if anyone wants to challenge Femi on Land of Hope and Glory just watch this. Fascists doing something very close to a Nazi salute ‘singing’ Land of Hope and Glory and then forgetting the words after about 5 seconds. If this is the England people desire then in the words of Private Fraser ‘we are all doomed’.

Douglas James

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