The FBU released the first in a series of videos criticising Sir Keir Starmer and Lisa Nanny, starting with one that highlights the participation of their failed 2016 ‘coup’.

The party-affiliated, left-wing FBU, which nominated Long-Bailey for the leadership and Richard Burgon for the vacant deputy post, has made three ads in support of their favoured contender. The first, was released, focusing on the leadership challenge against Jeremy Corbyn in 2016 that was precipitated by mass frontbench resignations. Rebecca Long-Bailey stepped up to become a shadow cabinet member at the time. “We’ve got a carefully coordinated coup planned to create the most damage. What an utter disgrace these people are,” general secretary Matt Wrack is heard saying in the FBU video, which shows a speech of his at a 2016 pro-Corbyn rally. Displaying the resignation letters of Starmer and Nandy, Wrack asserts: “There are questions that both Keir Starmer and Lisa Nandy have to answer.

They both participated in that attempt to force Corbyn from office and thereby undermine the decision that Labour Party members took.”…

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