The existence of non-binary individuals is not something made up by the youth or the new generation, pushing their woke agenda on everyone and everything. Non-binary individuals have been around for millennia, yet in recent centuries, we have grown resentful of them.

Sam Smith is a famous song writer and singer known for ‘Fire on Fire,’ yet when they were mentioned in an internet show by Lorraine Kelly, they were constantly misgendered by her, despite the host using their correct pronouns.

The Emmys have been under fire for a mistake they made. After Bella Ramsey’s performance in ‘The Last of Us’ they have been nominated for their first Emmy but for the best ‘female actor’ category, and that is disrespectful to the actor and non-binary individuals.

Our government has stated that they do not plan to adjust the law to include and acknowledge non-binary individuals. They say they are “mindful of the practical consequences,” yet they never explain what.

After the Tory Party conference, Lloyd Bank offered their staff over 30,000 free counseling sessions due to the ‘appalling’ comments about trans people. And yet people are attacking the bank for a decision supporting and addressing concerns about their employee’s mental health.

In ancient Mesopotamian times, there were writings about a non-binary figure named Asushunamir saved the goddess Ishtar from the hands of the goddess of death, Ereshkigal. They were successful but were cursed by the goddess of death to always be seen in suspicion and blessed by the goddess they saved with the powers of prophecy, healing, and fertility.

Non-binary is not a gender classification; it is an umbrella term for self-identification. Genderfluid, agender, genderqueer, and more fall under it. Even Disney has explored this with Mulan, where she started as an act that she was a boy, Ping, but eventually fell into it more naturally and truly accepted being ping and the boons it brought, but she also felt more like herself, but when she had more ‘feminine’ goals such as marriage, she became more comfortable being female, which can also be seen as bigender.

A lot of people still deny individuals being transgender, non-binary, or both, yet you cannot ignore the fact that the people who do believe it, and are part of the community are passionate and are suffering due to others denial. “41% of non-binary people and 35% of transgender people had self-harmed in the last year.” This is exceptionally large and unacceptable. These are people’s children, friends, and parents who are suffering through this.

If this were a different community like Christianity or teachers, the reaction would not be so passive; people would be trying to do something, but no one is because it is about gender. Why? Why do people have to suffer? When people were harmed by a cult or religion, it did not matter if you believed in it; you were still angry because people were suffering when they should not, so why is it different now?

Through time and religion, we see non-binary or gender non-conforming individuals being accepted and doing amazing deeds for humanity, yet now that they are speaking up more again, people are against them, denying their existence, saying it is a faze, and more. It is not fair. There is a cycle of this distrust and then gradual acceptance through society, as seen many times over. Writing with your left hand was seen as the devil, so hands were tied behind backs and beaten, followed by the surprise at how many people were left-handed and the disbelief that they were all genuine, then the acceptance we have today. The same happened to the gay and lesbian groups; there was a lot of hate, violence and superstition, and now it is slowly starting to be accepted as a part of our society.

This country claims it is inclusive and safe. That is not true, and the representatives of our country are very honest about it. Speaking in crowded rooms about excluding and isolating gender identities that were becoming included in laws, schools, and healthcare and having people jeering and celebrating this is atrocious.

How can we expect our children to be respectful of race, colour, language, and colour if we are not also accepting of love and gender, it is difficult to have both. Just because it is new does not mean it is bad. This country needs to wake up and see how damaging its actions are; otherwise, it will be no better than America.

So, we are left with citizens and tourists dying or injuring themselves due to the harmful actions and words of others that are encouraged by our politicians and friends. Why? If this were your child, sibling, or parent, would you want to see them like this, destroyed, fearful of everyone just for wanting to be who they are rather than your presumed outlook on them?

Gender politics is an extremely sensitive and traumatic area that has a lot of history and no clear, correct answer. The conservatives want politics and the public to stay the same but be better, so they do not want to have to accept some of the new generation’s gender opinions when all they have known are two. But Labour want to be freer and give more of a listening ear to the public, so they are more accepting of the LGBT community. That does not stop the existence of the LGBTQ+, who deny the existence of gender queers but accept the different sexualities. It is not just politicians, but their lack of action, especially toward non-binary individuals, that is harming any progress being made towards accepting the community.


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    Ryn Clampitt

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