Last night I was privileged enough to see an independent cinema screening of a live play, Nye, about the story of Aneurin Bevan, the man who brought us the NHS. Nye is played by the wonderful Welsh actor Michael Sheen. I am not usually one for plays, or theatre really, but this is absolutely fantastic. It really is. I’d watch it again.

I was in tears towards the end. What that man went through to bring us the NHS is genuinely extraordinary. How his own party treated him prior to and after the NHS—the tens of millions he has helped. Of course, those on the Starmer side of the Labour Party praise him now-at the time, they treated him with utter contempt. History repeated itself with Corbyn, of course (who is not as left wing as Nye was)… What Nye’s Party now under Starmer and the Tories (who voted AGAINST the NHS 21 times, let’s not forget!! along with the Lib Dems) have planned for the NHS completely undermines everything Nye did and wanted; the complete antithesis of the entire reason for the NHS; Nye is turning in his grave….

Hearing lying politicians of today say about not being able to afford proper NHS funding, that privatisation is needed, etc. It’s laughable when you consider the NHS and the entire infrastructure was built FROM SCRATCH after World War II, when debt was the highest ever at 250% of GDP (it’s now less than 100% AND we already have the infrastructure!!). Along with nationalisation of rail, energy, education, etc…worker rights Increased, the welfare state introduced, etc and the economy grew year on year. It proves, despite the huge cost of privatisation in the NHS, it’s still EASILY affordable. No one ever questions if we can afford war, massive defence spending etc etc. But when it’s for US, The People, oh no….

As I always say… if a country’s economy cannot provide even basic things for its people-healthcare, education, housing if needed…then, genuinely, WHAT IS THE POINT OF THE ECONOMY???!!! or the government for that matter!! That’s literally WHY we have an economy and government!!! Not to make their mate’s richer while telling you to wait several years for an operation!!

Anyway, I implore you all to check out this link and different dates to see where you can watch the Nye play in a cinema near you:

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