Pauline Hammerton, a long-term Labour activist from Hulme in Manchester, was fast-track-expelled from the party on the 4th of February for supposed ‘anti-Semitism’ – in reality, just for her support for the Palestinian people, who are being slowly crushed by Zionist occupation.

Pauline was found dead just seven days later. She had been left distraught by her expulsion, and although the cause-of-death has not yet been confirmed, the suspicion is that she suffered a haemorrhage brought on by the shock.

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If this is proven to be the fault of the disciplinary process not only should everyone boycott the Labour party, until it goes back to becoming a party for the many, but also until it apologises unreservedly for becoming an extremist Israeli government’s lap dog. If it is unable to do this then it deserves to be buried. We all need an alternative to the Tory party not one that apes it and is a poodle for malignant forces.

Over to the Labour party and us to determine what we want. Will it be a true force for a better and much fairer society or is it about to give us the death rattle?

Penny Lane

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