Open letter to Cllr John Beesley bemoaning the loss of cheap European labour to run Bournemouth tourist industry

Who will fill these vital jobs?

“Brexit … predictable and looming crisis heading towards us and the warning signs are already apparent.”

Your appeal perhaps a tad late in the day John?

The looming crisis wasn’t apparent two years ago ? one year ago ? even six months ago ?

And the same for the climate change Navitus wind farm clean sustainable energy issue 2015 – are you going to say in a few years or maybe ten or twenty years in retirement – oh dear extreme weather is destroying our lives ? Who would have thought we would have such destructive weather … which John the scientist are telling us, have been telling us, for now four decades. All the same, Brexit or climate change, beyond astounding our council “leader” speaks up on this major issue when it is all far too late.

Brexit was a right wing coup from the start – driven and funded by the wealthiest in our land. Check out Channel 4 production Brexit an uncivil war – insights into what most of us have had little idea is going on behind the scenes from 2016 to this day.

Parliament and government are now clearly all but paralised by the whole insanity. In a state of chaos. UK self-destruction a laughing stock on the world stage.

Ministers and MPs one and all desperately seeking the “best deal” when the blinding irony we have the best deal on the planet in front of our eyes and have had for four decades : leading membership of the largest democratic stable people union in the world. Free movement for all of us with free movement of goods, capital, and services, along with powereful built-in employment, consumer, and environment rights, for all of us in Europe. .

And the price of this ? A huge bureaucracy in Brussels – but then so too with councils we can all roundly condemn council bureaucracy costs and inefficiencies (latest shocking B’mouth pay-off £400,000 for yet another executive) but then close down councils? – as leaving the EU – we would be in a desperate state wouldn’t we.

People voted June 2016 against deepening poverty – endless austerity. People voted for working health services and schools and for housing. Immigration is part of this but then would it ever have reached the pitch it has if we were not being driven by government policy deeper into desperate poverty, year on year.

Goebbels was the master of overwhelming propaganda Nazi Germany 1930s – the very same identical message by message propaganda strategy used by Cummings, Farage, Johnson, Mogg, and the rest of them, drumming up June 2016 large scale hostility and fear to EU and immigrants. Remember John? – millions of Turkish immigrants imminently set to pour into UK – and the £350 million a week for NHS.

Propaganda blackest of black lies banged out repeatedly – short sharp and simple. And in all that where were you and the rest of our Cllrs in our conurbation? Why did you not speak up?

It is now clearly all too late – events have taken over and all but out of control. The only remedy surely park the whole Brexit issue and run a general election. 18 million out of an adult UK population 48 million voted to leave (13 million did not vote many abstaining) – 18 million was then not a majority mandate to leave. 17 million voted to remain – that was likewise not a majority mandate to stay in the EU. And so the shear insanity deep rooted contradictions in the whole unfolding chaos.

And let’s have no doubt about it, this was a Tory launched Tory run Brexit operation lock stock and barrel. Cameron and cabinet 2016 not having the foresight to build in a referendum margin of safety, like 55% in favour. And since Theresa May with the pantomine “yes he will no he wont” nonsense “No deal is better than a bad deal” – the country now in chaos.

Declaration of a general election next week is surely the only way now to resolve the whole dreadful business. It certainly gets my vote – not a second referendum which wll surely throw up even more bitter acrimony and turnoil ending who knows where.

Jeff Williams