Owen Jones announced today that he is leaving the Labour Party, sickened by the Labour leadership’s reheated Tory policies, support for Israeli war crimes, and attacks on the party’s last few progressive MPs. He makes the argument that, as the Tories have self-destructed, switching away from Labour will not stop them from losing power. He swings behind the Green Party, independents, and those few remaining Labour MPs who were not part of the Starmer right-wing takeover of the party. Owen Jones goes through the long list of broken pledges by Keir Starmer and shows why his ruthless lies have now destroyed the party Jones has supported since he joined at age 15.

It looks like the murder of 40,000 Palestinians (in his words, “the greatest crime of our age, a genocide”), Starmer and Rachel Reeves’ ditching of the £28 billion Green Investment Fund, and countless other abandoned pledges were simply inexcusable for Jones. He describes the leadership as ‘weak’, untrustworthy, ‘fearful of any pressure’, lacking in convictions, and ‘ready to buckle’ to the right-wing media. All Labour can promise is everlasting austerity and more privatisation. And Jones like millions more, has had enough of both Labour and the Tories. They are indeed “two cheeks of the same arse” that need a good, hard kicking.

This is a video well worth watching:

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