Devon and Cornwall Police intimidate pensioner in Palestine solidarity raid over drawing pins

On 17th January, four Devon and Cornwall police officers raided the house of a pensioner over allegations of criminal damage to Falmouth and Truro MP Cherilyn Mackrory’s office.

The pensioner, April, woke up to find police officers in her house and was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage while still in her nightie. The police allege that she damaged the office door by attaching posters with drawing pins. After searching the house, the police dearrested her on the condition that she voluntarily attend a police interview. A video of the raid and the impact it had on April can be seen here:

Mackrory has refused to engage with constituents, including April, despite repeated requests regarding their concerns over the government’s position on the genocide the Israeli government is perpetrating against Palestinian people, and this government’s complicity in war crimes committed by the Israeli government. 

Speaking about the raid, April stated:

“I am ANGRY – angry that war criminals, mass murderers, torturers, arms traders, the inflicters and enablers of genocide and brutality go free to continue the brutal mahem they inflict on others across the globe but our government chooses to hound, harrass, arrest those who seek to lay bare their crimes. ” 

A spokesperson for Palestine Solidarity Cornwall stated:

“This was an act of intimidation by Devon and Cornwall police against a Grandmother who has simply tried to hold her elected representative to account for the atrocities she, and her government, are supporting in Gaza. While it is reflective of the police harassment Palestine solidarity campaigners have faced across the country for speaking out against a genocide, it is outrageous they have decided to put a pensioner through this ordeal over some drawing pins.

“However, we will not be intimidated by these actions. The UN has described Gaza as a “graveyard for children”, and while our so-called elected representatives continue to support the massacre of children, and refuse to stop the export of UK weapons to facilitate this slaughter, we will continue taking action.”

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