Peter Lythgoe in New York

I’ve grown up with America… I guess we all have. I remember Super Hero comics fresh from the indoor market stall in my birth town of Glossop, or from a local newsagent during our regular holidays in Blackpool. That sweet ‘bubble gum’ smell… I always loved the mysterious adverts in the back pages: X Ray Glasses, Sea Monkeys and Stink bombs. 

On my West Coast tours  I’ve walked the real ‘Streets of San Francisco’, the Grand Canyon, seen the Hollywood sign, the Extraterrestrial Highway…(had coffee at the Little Alin) and grown up with movies like ‘Easy Rider’ and Electraglide in Blue’ the classic west coast music style of Steely Dan and the Grateful Dead..

It was recently the turn of the Big Apple, and my chance to fulfil my next eccentric ‘bucket list’ items.. My wife, myself and two friends flew to New York (JFK) on the 24 May 2017 to start the Great Adventure..

Grand Central Station and more..

In this video I find the first of my ‘bucket list’ items… An historic plaque on the side of an iconic New York Hotel..

We travel to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island..


Forward to Niagara Falls via Buffalo/Niagara Airport and our next Air b&b..

In this video we have an early  breakfast and I discover another item on my ‘bucket list’.

We all get very wet…

You can still see my live broadcast from the CN Tower, Toronto, Canada on my Facebook page at also reports from all our Airb&b accommodations.

All videos filmed and edited on iPhone 7 Plus and IMovie

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