Photographer’s Brilliant Response to Countryside Alliance Request

As a wildlife photographer I’m often asked for free use of pictures, depending on usage the answer varies. Today took the biscuit. The Countryside Alliance, you know the one with MP’s on the payroll wanted to use a hare image of mine in next years calendar to raise money for their work. Not to worry I would be credited though LOL.

Thought you may like the response I sent Pippa, may have burnt some bridges mind.

Hi Pippa,

Thank you for your enquiry RE the hare picture.

I hope you can appreciate that the cost of the camera body and lens alone to take that picture cost over £7000, not to mention time in the field, cost of transport, computer, website you found the image on, the list goes on. Therefore I must decline the free use of my image, credit just does not pay the bills.

The above however is just secondary. I photograph living wildlife, I have no interest in photographing pieces of fox, ripped apart by hounds, or caught in snares. Birds of prey I prefer to photograph wild and free, not blasted by a shot gun or caught in a gin trap on a managed grouse moor. I prefer my hare alive also, not jugged or oven roasted. So you see no amount of money would ever buy you the rights to have one of my photographs in a calendar promoting such a grubby organisation as yours.

All the best