Roman Catholic SIIIIRRRR Jacob Rees-Mogg defended Liz Truss’ honours list, dismissing critics as overly serious and rigid. The controversy stems from Truss being allowed to submit her “resignation honours” following her short-lived tenure after a turbulent exit from office. This decision to honour 11 individuals has faced sharp opposition, especially considering the circumstances surrounding Truss’ departure.

Labour and the Liberal Democrats have strongly condemned the move, labeling it a disregard for the working class and an attempt to reward Truss’s associates amid her tumultuous leadership. Dr. Jess Garland of the Electoral Reform Society criticised the burgeoning trend of unelected figures in politics, urging future leaders to address and reform this practice.

In defense, Roman Catholic SIIIIIRRRR Jacob, who served under Truss and received a knighthood from Boris Johnson in the resignation honours, emphasised the tradition of allowing former prime ministers to nominate individuals and justified it as a way for Truss to acknowledge those who aided her during her time in office. He highlighted the extensive support required by prime ministers beyond regular working hours and suggested that the honours system has historically played a role in greasing the wheels of politics without causing tangible harm.

Sir Jacob also directed criticism at the Institute for Government, questioning their lack of critique concerning honours bestowed upon civil service connections. Specifically, he addressed the controversy surrounding Truss’s awarding of peerages, mentioning three individuals, including significant donors to the Tories, who received such honours.

Meanwhile, Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh expressed puzzlement over the extent of honours given to someone who held the prime ministerial position for such a brief period. She also raised concerns about the inclusion of individuals who had financially supported and assisted Truss’s leadership campaign in the list of beneficiaries.

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