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Pointless poisonous celebrity attacks The Canary

For a while now Rachel Riley (of Countdown) has been working, not so clandestinely, for (or with) the Israeli state propaganda machine (either associated or non associated – it amounts to the same thing)*. The attempt has been to lie and deceive people in to believing that Jeremy Corbyn, and those media who seek to stand up to the hate and lies of right wing zionists and terror supporters against Palestinian women, men and children, are anti semitic. Whether she is paid for her hate and propaganda is not for me to say but she is quite obviously (if only to me)* a fascist and an Israeli state terrorist sympathiser.

* Updated to avoid confusion. We are all aware of those who have to have it spelt out.

She lies with impunity. For example:

However her campaign of lies and hate has backfired. By publishing her tweet the Canary has attracted many more subscribers; is changing its model and has attracted many who agree with the following:

The more these ‘far right fascist enablers’ spew the greater the number realise what a bunch of sickos they are. At some point another Jo Cox moment will happen but this time it will not just be MP’s who are at great risk. Rachel Riley and her goons will only have themselves to blame if some loose cannon stoops to another loathsome low.

In a democracy people should feel comfortable expressing themselves. Unfortunately Rachel Riley is like the spoilt child who was invited to the party and then shat on the carpet. No more invites for her unless you enjoy smelly stains.

Douglas James