Poole toilets reopening: Good to rejoin modern post-medieval civilisation

Well done BCP Unity Alliance cabinet. Great after the blight the past several years, with mass close-down of public toilets in Poole, to have back commitment to public service : Poole toilets reopening.
Good to rejoin modern post-medieval civilisation – people not forced to use streets and alleyways as public toilets.And all the more so well done Unity Alliance in the face of swingeing budgets – the great age of Tory impoverishment, never mind the consequences. Never mind the infirm, the elderly, the disabled. Poole Toryism, as nationally, at its most brutal.
And it’s not just about toilets is it – its about politics and wealth, and power. Tories ruthlessly committed to private wealth empowerment. Controlling the sluice gates : hedge funds, wealth management, land tenancies, mass media, and above all off-shore wealth control, from City of London.
The largest web of embezzlement fraud and looting in the world, running into trillions.  That in the end is what our humble toilets are about. Grappling to find the funds in a modern so called “democracy” to provide the most basic of service, in the face of markets loaded to move wealth in billions into private hands.And that said we hope reopening toilets in Poole will include Poole’s second largest high street – Ashley Road Parkstone. We hope the Jubilee Road site is included as a high priority. Many thousands of shoppers using the high street every day. With the exception of Waitrose the so called “community scheme” nothing but another Tory fantasy.
And for any Tories that might read this, if not the truth how then do we end with market players such as Crispin Odey making £220 million in one night whilst country-wide we have to beg for our most basic public services. And Odey, but the tip of the tip of the corrupted core of British Toryism …
All the reasons here why BCP and nationally we need national unity alliance in the face of right wing Toryism.
Jeff Williams