Portland Atlantic Academy staff are all ‘nicey nice when the visitors are there’ and then…

Turning schools in to academies has caused a lot of controversy. The obsession with results has turned some children in to ‘robots’ whilst mental health issues are spiralling amongst young people. Surely the point of formal education is to create rounded healthy young people who find the process of entering society to be as straightforward as is possible.

All young children have something to offer it is up to schools to help them find it. Whether academic, creative, inspirational… young people must be allowed to be individuals and be able to mix in a collective.

If these young people are anything to go by school has become a place of mental torture in which their individuality is being stripped away by a totalitarian experience. No parent or teacher should want this for their children and no child should have to accept it.

If Budmouth follows suit what hell awaits those children too?

Douglas James