As one can imagine the public response to Priti Patel and her department wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds of tax payers money on themselves whilst denying poor children meals during half term and denying NHS staff more than a 1% pay rise has gone down rather badly.

What with the Daily Mail lying about the NHS pay rise and then getting found out

and now this:

is it any wonder social media is alight with sarcasm and fury?


Perhaps one day many of the public will attach their cerebral cortex and appear to be human again ie they will stop voting for these lying corrupt scoundrels.

Penny Lane



Please can the Home Office and Ms Patel explain this:

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  1. Great article it’s nice that someone highlights the corruption in this country the law is set up so people like this can do as they wish the taxes will be raised so she can carry on like this and all those people who sit in House of Lords can dig into the tax payers money I have retired on two small pensions plus my old age pension which just takes me to approximately 12thousand a year so I get taxed on my small pension £342 a year and I don’t even get the full old age pension makes me sick someone in House of Lords get that per day then all the other corruption that’s going on