In just another example of government ineptitude and gross fudging of the figures new information has come to light that official government instructions on how to report lateral flow test results for care homes and others have the user going in circles. Instead of offering the user a simple online experience, the official instructions send you to an incorrect Web page on the government website which is actually for reporting standard Covid 19 test results for individuals. It takes a furious amount of googling to identify the correct Web page to be able to submit the data according to their instructions and assign it to the correct care home.

Admin staff in care homes are already struggling with the work load without having incorrect information given to them on how to submit these vital results.

How many staff are failing to report these results purely because it is impossible to do so based on the instructions provided by those in power? Is this simply a way of exaggerating the figures so the government can say we are testing many more people with these new tests, without having to then show the true figures of positive tests? More importantly, how can we have faith in those supposedly in power when they can’t even get a simple job like providing a correct website, let alone govern the most important vaccination rollout in history?

The nature of the problem:

Care staff are now being required to be tested 3 times a week. Twice with the LFT test which have been shown to be only 40% effective when tested outside of trained personnel, and once with (PCR) tests which are more accurate but take 6 days to get results currently despite government assurances of fast track results. Now given the urgency of the reliable testing and fast results, how useful are tests that are wrong 60% of the time, that can’t be recorded due to poor implementation by those in charge and results that take almost a week to arrive meaning they have no viability or usefulness at all.

Instructions sent to Care home staff:

The government Lateral Flow Test (LFT) registration cards tell you to scan a QR code (A scan that takes you to the Web address. Like a bar code but with more info) e.g.

LFT, UAB. Contacts, map.

or go to a Web address to submit your LFT results. On the official card both the QR and Web address take you to the wrong address.

In order to follow the procedure and allocate the results to the correct care home the site directs you to is this one which redirects here : Unfortunately this does not allow you to enter an IFT test for care homes.

The correct address is this:

This then allows for the submission of a result of an IFT test assigned to a specific care home.

This is official documentation sent out by the government and it cannot even direct users to the correct website to record the results.

It therefore makes one wonder how many tests are being done and not recorded because they cannot even get their address right.

Is this a case of those in charge simply fudging the figures about the number of tests taken without having to report true infection rates as nobody can actually file a result? Or is this just another case of incompetence from those entrusted with our welfare?


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