Prom Night Doesn‰’t Have to Cost Parents a Pretty Penny

With Prom season fast approaching, Dorset parents will need to get ready to fork out for bespoke dresses, shoes, accessories, jewellery, evening bags, hair, nails, make-up, spray tan, limo cars and professionally taken photographs. In fact, if you have a daughter, you can expect to pay up to an incredible £500 for them to attend their end of school prom. But with ‘prom-flation’ seeing costs rising, there are ways for Dorset parents to avoid blowing the bank but still ensuring their teen has a fantastic time.

Check out online tutorials so your daughter looks prom perfect

Prom expenses often skyrocket due to the cost of girls wanting professional makeup, hair, manicures and even facials. While Dorset is bursting with salons offering prom hairstyling, teen makeup and manicures, why not have a go yourself? There are a huge number of online tutorials to check out. The secret is to practice a few times before the night of the prom. And its just the same for nails too. If your daughter wants acrylic nails for her big night, then you can pick up DIY kits that make applying artificial nails really easy. In fact, whatever look your daughter wants, look online for inspiration and tips and she’ll be sure to find something that she loves and you feel confident in helping her do.

Only wear prom dress once? Buy second hand!

Your teen may have their heart set on a designer prom dress, but they’ve become rather like wedding dresses and often only get worn once. So, if that’s likely to be the case with your daughter’s outfit, then look to hiring their prom dress from somewhere like Lady Muck Dresses in Ferndown or pick up a second-hand bargain from eBay or your local charity shop. But if they are keen to buy new then head to Fab Frocks in Bournemouth which stocks a huge variety of prom dresses. Furthermore, Fab Frocks won’t sell the same dress to the same school, your teen doesn’t have to worry about turning up in the same dress as a classmate.

Arrive in style, but without blowing the budget

It’s likely that your teen will want to arrive at their prom in something a little more impressive than the family car. See if there’s anyone you know who owns a particularly unusual or striking car and would be happy to drive your child and their friends. You may have to pay running costs but this should be minimal. But if you need to hire a prom car you don’t have to look far in Dorset with many companies offering a variety of traditional and unusual prom cars. Your teen could arrive to their prom in a VW Campervan, Porsche or how about a pink Limousine?

So, if it’s your daughter’s prom night coming up soon, there’s no need to go overboard with the costs. With a little bit of planning and even a little DIY, you can be sure that they will have a wonderful time and you won’t end up too out of pocket.

Jackie Edwards