Are you considering heading off on holiday with your car? Are you unsure whether driving to your chosen destination would be the best choice? Then you’re in the right place. 

Here, we explore several pros and cons of travelling with your car so you can make an informed decision.


More freedom

One of the key benefits of heading on holiday in your car is the freedom it gives you. There’s no waiting around for public transport or navigating awkward transfers – you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. This includes remote destinations and tourist attractions that could be difficult to get to otherwise.

Cut costs

Another positive is that it can help you cut the cost of your trip. This of course depends on where you’re heading and the type of transport you’d take if you didn’t have your car. It’s worth doing some price comparisons to see how much it could save you to gas up the tank and hit the road, rather than travel by plane, train or bus.

Set your schedule

Driving your car on holiday gives you the flexibility to set your schedule. You don’t have to make plans according to bus or train timetables, which can be limiting. You’ll have the freedom to enjoy leisurely breakfasts (if that’s your thing) or get up and out early to explore.


Location limitations

You may be limited in where you can go if you travel by car. There are only so many destinations that will feel achievable to reach by road within the time limits you have for your holiday. This can mean that where you go may be more restricted than if you were to travel by plane, for example.

Lots of driving

One thing that puts holidaymakers off travelling in their car is the amount of driving involved. Long stints on the road can be incredibly tiring, and you could arrive at your destination feeling pretty wiped out. You’ll need to factor in plenty of breaks throughout the journey to rest and refuel, and take it in turns to drive with another person if possible.

Risk of theft

There’s also the risk of theft that you need to be aware of. It’s wise not to leave your belongings unattended in your car, as there’s the possibility that it might be broken into and stolen. Make sure your insurance covers theft and that you park in safe and secure areas, such as car parks with CCTV.

There are many pros and cons to travelling with your car, so whether it’s the right choice for you depends on your circumstances. If you do decide to drive, there are several things to consider before setting off, including getting a full car service, checking your insurance documents, and requesting a green card if necessary.

Will you pack up the car and hit the road on your next adventure?

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  1. Other considerations might be:
    – How easy to deal with the luggage you might want to take.
    – How easy to cater for young children
    – Risk of strike action on public transport
    – Safety
    – Vulnerability to incidents (e.g. such as land slips or staff shortages on railway)
    – Environmental cost