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Leonard Farruku, a young Albanian discovered deceased aboard the Bibby Stockholm ship in Great Britain, is reported to have taken his life approximately 12 hours before being found, according to his roommate interviewed by The Guardian.

The asylum seeker was found in a shower cubicle on what was referred to as a ‘prison ship,’ prompting his roommate, 20-year-old Yusuf Deen Kargbo, a former participant in the Commonwealth Games from Sierra Leone, to urge the Home Office to cease using such vessels for housing individuals seeking refugee status.

Kargbo spoke fondly of Farruku, describing him as a “friendly and affable individual who always greeted me with a smile.” He recounted their brief cohabitation of about a week and a half, mentioning Farruku’s limited English proficiency and their infrequent room occupancy during the day. Kargbo expressed his unawareness of any mental health struggles Farruku might have faced.

The circumstances surrounding Farruku’s passing are under investigation by both the coroner and the Interior Ministry. His sister, Jola Dushku, residing in Lombardy, Italy, informed The Guardian that her brother had no known mental health issues before his journey facilitated by the Home Office.

Jola has written a letter thanking the decent people of the UK for all of their support:

She remembered Farruku warmly, highlighting his charm, humour, and straightforward nature. Dushku emphasised his strong friendships in Albania and his principled approach to relationships.

Farruku’s Home Office identity card indicated recent work permission granted just a few days before his demise, as his job—reportedly in hospitality—was deemed a position in high demand.

Kargbo recalled his last interaction with Farruku, having seen him head to the ship’s dining area for dinner. Returning later to their shared room, he assumed Farruku was in the bathroom when he noticed the closed door, prompting him to use another facility. Later, while seeking better Wi-Fi reception elsewhere on the ship, Kargbo engaged in a prolonged phone call.

Upon returning to their room, he discovered Farruku’s bed undisturbed. His subsequent attempts to enter the bathroom were met with a locked door and unanswered calls, leading Kargbo to alert security.

Despite his distressing experience and the discovery of Farruku’s unconscious state, Kargbo lamented the lack of support offered by the Home Office. He shared the prevailing fears among asylum seekers on the ship, expressing concerns about sudden relocations and the uncertain future they faced.

Following Farruku’s passing, Care4Calais intervened, facilitating Kargbo’s relocation from the ship to a hotel in Cardiff, providing him with a semblance of stability amidst a tumultuous situation.

Now please complete our following quiz and find out!

Q. 1: “Yusuf Deen Kargbo competed for Sierra Leone in the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham and then claimed asylum.”

Is your response to this statement:

A. Why has the Home Office still not processed his claim (they must have had documentation to have let him in the country in the first place) and what the **** is he doing on a barge that’s supposed to be a deterrent for people crossing the Channel in small boats?

B. Theirs no wore in Seyerrer Leyown, and he must hav cum threw Frarns, witch is a saif cuntry – send him bak!


Mostly A – you do at least appear to be a sentient human being; well done!

Mostly B – you appear to be on the wrong planet, so kindly **** off!

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