Carl Benjamin of UKIP is visiting Weymouth this Friday 17 May, using the EU elections as a platform to spread his racism and hatred. Stand Up to Racism says: “Benjamin is not welcome here”.
Benjamin is an out-and-out racist. He’s hostile to Muslims, Jews and Black people – so offensive that he’s been banned from Twitter. He also makes vile comments about women, including “jokes” about raping MP Jess Phillips – as a result he’s under investigation by police.
His party, UKIP, has become an organisation of the extreme right, collecting people like Tommy Robinson, another racist jailed last year for contempt of court. 
These people have nothing to say about the real problems in South Dorset – low wages, insecure jobs, cuts to our health services. Instead they spread conflict and division, making life more difficult for everyone.The extreme right tried to make inroads in Weymouth when the fascist organisation Britain First campaigned in recent local elections.
Anti-racists worked effectively to contest the politics of hate – and Britain First withdrew. Carl Benjamin should learn the lesson: there’s no place for racism and bigotry in our communities. Anti-racists in Swindon, Truro and Totnes have given Benjamin a “warm” welcome.
Let’s do the same, with a peaceful but assertive protest.Please circulate this message to your community group, trade union, church or political organisation.On behalf of Stand Up to Racism, [email protected] see us on Facebook
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