Ralphie Ellard was born two years ago with severe cerebral palsy and the condition affects his speech, muscle reactions, ability to walk and his ability to eat normally. 

Every day is a struggle for Ralphie and his Mum, Sian Ellard said “Ralphie suffered a seizure in May and we really were not sure of the cause which has been a huge setback for Ralphie. We have now got Ralph’s MRI results back and its relatively good news, in that Ralphie did not have a stroke or encephalitis, but they did find a large cyst on his brain.

The family found the next few days unbearable whilst waiting for confirmation from the hospital on whether it was a cyst or a tumour. They were all pretty certain that it was a cyst, although the official diagnosis will not be for a few weeks. The cyst is putting an enormous pressure on Ralph’s brain. The specialists believe this is responsible for his set back a few weeks ago. And this is why his eye is turning in and he has developed a squint.   The cyst may also be the reason why Ralphie’s speech hasn’t returned. 

Last year, Ralphie had an MRI scan which did show a tiny growth on his brain. At the time, the family didn’t realise the implications as it was almost impossible to see the size of the cyst. Since that time the cyst has substantially grown.  The cyst is at least 5cm long and about 3-4cm wide, so it is substantial.  Sian went on to say “Ralph’s consultant has been absolutely amazing and is working very quickly and very hard to get some answers for us. We believe the cyst is located in the fluid space on his brain. Originally we were told it was inoperable, but l am hopeful that when we see the Neuro surgeons in Southampton that they will have a treatment plan for Ralphie. I am pretty sure they will not be able to leave it, due to the sheer size and the fact it is putting pressure on his brain and causing him symptoms.”

The family are trying to organise a fundraising music evening on 10 November at the Weymouth Pavilion Ocean Room, to fund a new wheelchair for Ralphie. At the time they started the project a brain tumour was not even on their radar of possibilities. The family are now very scared and upset to think what the implications are for Ralphie. Hopefully treatment, will work and there will be no long lasting problems. 

Mum, Sian went on to say “I would like to say a big thank you everyone who has asked how he is and who keeps in touch via the facebook page. And those who have been asking if we had the results back yet. Three new sponsors have come forward to help with the Rockin for Ralphie night in November and I could not be more grateful.  I will keep you updated on Ralphie’s progress and news.”

If you would like to help please get in touch with Sian on 07860 635568

Donate at Raising for Ralphie     https://just4children.org/children-helped2017/raising-for-ralphie/  Follow Ralphie’s story on Facebook : facebook.com/raisingforralphie