Reality is a nightmare

Majority Of Population Wakes Up From Bad Dream To Discover Tories Are Real

Gradually exiting sleep covered in sweat and feeling more exhausted than the previous eve but with a sense of relief. The creatures that haunted those dark hours have stretched every sinew and the body aches. You finally climb out from under the quilt and pay a visit to the lavatory. Yet more relief. 

You reach for the iPhone and instinctively check what the outside world has been up to. Shower or iPhone first is usually a no contest.

What you don’t know is that you are not alone in this experience. A majority have been through the same trauma. What you also don’t know is that you and this same majority are about to continue this same trauma. The creatures were not confined to the sleeping nightmare. They are part of the waking one too.

The iPhone alights and you head to your favourite news page. Your eyes fall upon the headline. Your pores open and you let out a yelp. Either you are still asleep or you never were. Reality is a nightmare.*

The arrogant and ignorant really do control you. The superficial materialism that they worship is what you have to worship too. Being told that managing a national or international economy is the same as running a household is their narrative. Surely they are not that stupid? But they are and there is nothing you can do about it. It is not a dream and you are not alone.

You click through the headlines (chosen for you by who knows who) and that is ‘the news’. Interest rates maybe up or more likely stick. Nuclear war one minute more ground troops the next. Cuts to services to force local authorities to sell property and pensions to private equity firms. Crime up or is it down? Unemployment up or is it down? The EU are evil or are they our saviour? Islam is a threat to our culture or the necessary texture? The planet is warming! Oh no it’s not. Poverty is up. There is no such thing. Corbyn is a terrorist sympathiser. The Saudis are angels. 


You cannot sleep. You cannot stay awake. What is left? Outside is a scene from The Walking Dead or the Whitewalkers on the march. When will it end?

You shower; dress; make some toast; down a coffee and slip out in to their world. Home will be the sanctuary or the pub. Alcohol; a smoke; a pill; a needle; the gym; the TV; the headphones; the iPad; Facebook; twitter… and then sleep and then…


Douglas James

*Yet more Tory/establishment lies uncovered