He has lied, He has cheated. He is corrupt. We all know this even if some pretend. However, when do we get a chance to show it apart from when a government decides to held accountable at the ballot box following six weeks of wall to wall corporate propaganda?

Today the British public had one of those opportunities and wow did they take it.

Sociopaths do not feel discomfort though. This will mean nothing to this ‘monster’.

And on the way out:

But for decent people it feels damn good.

Here is Stacey Solomon from 2018 reminding the walking dead that we do not get their inferiority complexes and their celebrity worship:

The voice of reason feels like a deep intake of fresh uncontaminated air.

Douglas James

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  1. Independent?? What a joke. Biassed, opinionated and false.
    Entire report is just your opinion, especially
    the laughable intro.

    Was hoping to find some responsible journalism not this rehash clap trap.