Great work by Gregory Davis at Hope Not Hate exposes far right extremist tendencies in Reform UK candidate for South Swindon

This is what journalism should look like.

Benjamin “Beau” Dade, the Reform Party candidate for South Swindon, sparked controversy with his extreme views on immigration and his vision for a drastically reshaped Britain. In a disturbing manifesto published in November 2022, Dade outlined plans to forcefully deport millions of British citizens who had settled in the UK since 1997, describing them as a “foreign plague” that needed to be eradicated.

Dade’s proposed policy drew attention for its callousness, envisioning scenes of families being torn apart and lamenting the perceived interference of “leftists, globalists, and traitors” who he believed had imposed such measures on the nation. His rhetoric extended to advocating for the expulsion of “millions of foreigners and their dependents,” coupled with the prosecution of civil servants and judges whom he deemed obstacles to his vision of a purified society.

The extent of Dade’s extremism became evident in his article for The Mallard website, a far-right platform, where he advocated for the removal of perceived threats to his ideology, including mainstream media outlets like the BBC and the Daily Mail, labelling them as “seditious” organisations. However, even The Mallard found his views too extreme, swiftly removing his article from their platform.

Dade’s affiliation with Reform UK, a party striving to distance itself from far-right associations, underscores the challenge the party faces in maintaining its image. Despite Reform’s attempts to disavow far-right labels, Dade’s manifesto and rhetoric align closely with historical fascist ideologies, raising questions about the party’s ideological stance and recruitment processes.

Not confined to immigration issues, Dade’s divisive politics extended to disparaging remarks about Scotland and its people, portraying them in derogatory terms and belittling their economic significance. His inflammatory comments only served to deepen concerns about his suitability as a political candidate and the compatibility of his views with the values of a diverse and inclusive society.

Dade’s background as a content creator for the far-right media outlet, the Lotus Eaters, further underscores his alignment with extremist ideologies. Through his platform, he propagated conspiracy theories about immigration and expressed admiration for figures like Enoch Powell, suggesting that Powell’s controversial views did not go far enough in addressing what Dade perceived as threats to British society.

In private conversations and podcasts, Dade continued to espouse his xenophobic views, characterising immigrants as a “fifth column” and endorsing the debunked “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory, which falsely claims a deliberate effort to replace native populations with immigrants.

For Reform UK to distance itself from far-right associations, it must address the presence of individuals like Dade within its ranks. Failure to do so risks tarnishing the party’s reputation and perpetuating the perception that it harbors extremist elements incompatible with mainstream politics.

As a result of this expose:


Beau Dade, slated to represent Reform UK, a right-wing party established by Nigel Farage, faced dismissal following derogatory remarks likening Scotland to a persistent nuisance. Dade’s disparaging comments extended to belittling Scotland’s economy, suggesting that its exports included illicit drugs.

Reform UK, under the leadership of Richard Tice, aims to field candidates nationwide in the upcoming general election. This move is expected to fragment the conservative vote, potentially drawing support away from the Conservative Party.

Although Farage serves as the party’s “honorary president,” his candidacy for the upcoming election remains uncertain. The spotlight has turned sharply on Reform’s decision to nominate Dade as a candidate in Swindon South.

During an online discussion on the ‘Full English’ show, Dade’s disdain for Scotland was evident as he ridiculed its economic stature and compared its population size unfavorably to that of Greater London. His inflammatory analogy, likening Scotland to an unflushable “turd” drew widespread condemnation.

Reform UK swiftly distanced itself from Dade’s remarks, promptly terminating his candidacy. Nick Lowles, CEO of the anti-racist organisation HOPE Not Hate, condemned Dade’s views as abhorrent and urged Reform UK to exercise greater scrutiny in candidate selection to avoid association with far-right ideologies.

Labour MSP Paul O’Kane welcomed Dade’s dismissal but expressed concern over Reform UK’s initial endorsement of his candidacy, denouncing Dade’s inflammatory rhetoric as unfit for political discourse.

Lib Dem MP Christine Jardine criticised Dade’s extremist views, urging Farage and Tice to unequivocally reject such ideologies and reaffirm their commitment to inclusive politics.

In addition to his disparaging remarks about Scotland, Dade’s article, uncovered by Hope Not Hate, advocated for the deportation of millions of UK-based immigrants, highlighting a disturbingly xenophobic agenda.

Dade’s extreme views, captured in various online videos and writings, drew condemnation from across the political spectrum, with Green MSP Maggie Chapman describing them as dangerously aligned with far-right ideologies and utterly unacceptable in any reputable political party.

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