Revolting Artists are proud to announce their premier art event entitled “GREED” – An Exhibition of Subversive and Urban Art. Opening to the public on Friday 7th April, the show will be on display at Saint Nic’s Gallery, 11 St. Nicholas Street, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 8AA, through to Monday 10th April 2023.

The exhibition brings together over 50 renowned artists working within the fields of subvertising, brandalism, satirical art, street art, protest art, street photography and graffiti. The 4-day event will also see performances from bands, poets and musicians along with a series of talks, workshops, activities and film screenings.

Included in the exhibition are world renowned artists Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives, Foka Wolf, Subvertiser, My Dog Sighs, Wefail, Frank Riot, Haus Of Lucy, Hats Richardson, Dion Kitson and Guy Denning along with local artists Bod and Sock Oven and street photographers, Paul Russell and Si Jubb.

The exhibition over Easter weekend will feature a wide range of work including paintings, photography, film, brandalism, sculptures, cross-stitch, performance and public art and is hoped to attract a new art audience to Weymouth.

“Since moving to Weymouth 4 years ago, I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the vacuum of culture here. There’s a couple of galleries,  with ‘safe’ art you can maybe enjoy after a lobotomy but the more interesting art around here has been hidden away on social media mostly. So I decided to pull together a large group of artists for 4 days in Easter as a kind of ‘exposure therapy’ for this dormancy in the hope of inspiring others to do more challenging art in the area.”

BOD – Artist, nuisance.

All of the work on show acts as social commentary. The new politics of the culture war, along with the ‘Banksy boom’ have spawned a wealth of artists and activists who want to respond to a wide range of subjects from the cost of living crisis to gender politics. Many of these artists use the tools of advertising to reflect satirical and subversive messages back to the consuming masses, blurring and confusing the lines between art and life. 

“ Art has always acted as a mirror to the world; as we continue our descent into apocalyptic consumer capitalism and political greed we’re going to see more and more artists reflecting the social struggles we’re all increasingly facing on a day to day basis. That is… if we can still afford the art materials!” 

Andy Smith, Artist and Activist     

Many more artists and performers are still to be confirmed and a full schedule of talks, screenings and activities will be released in the new year. 

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