Right Wing Corporate Billionaire Media And Their Mates Come Out For Boris

Sometimes the world becomes so crazy and ironic that hysteria is the obvious outcome. Whilst the victims drown in other’s shenanigans and mad people goose step through the corridors of power we are left to comment with next to no chance of these twisted sociopaths caring one jot.

Look ‘A list of articles from 2018 back to 2001 about racism in the Conservative Party’ and nothing has changed. Are we really so powerless that our goodwill and compassion drown in a reservoir of rotting carcasses? Are we left to bemoan the hate fuelled cynicism from afar?

Over to Mark.

Over to ‘Eton’s answer to Alf Garnett’

Nothing has changed in 36 years. Here Rowan Atkinson uses satire to sound literal. On topics of immigration and crime many far right Tories and Ukippers haven’t moved. They are still de humanised empathy free vessels with power destroying lives at will.

Boris the Clown is stirring for a purpose. Steve Bannon and the billionaire media had all this planned and Boris was the catalyst for a summer of hate. They hated the summer of love back in ’67 and don’t we all know it.

Perhaps the days of satire should end and our actions should be more ‘worthwhile’.

Douglas James