Hey Douglas Murray! That’s alright, then. We can all rest easy, as the SS were ‘rarely proud’ of murdering millions of people.

Just think about all this and remember that they felt uncomfortable and had to drink a lot.

  1. The Holocaust: The systematic genocide of six million Jews, along with millions of other innocent people, including Romani people, Poles, Soviet POWs, disabled individuals, and others. This involved mass shootings, forced labour and extermination camps.
  2. War Crimes: The Nazis committed numerous war crimes during World War II, including the targeting of civilians, the bombing of cities and atrocities against prisoners of war.
  3. Crimes Against Humanity: The Nazis were responsible for widespread and systematic persecution, enslavement and extermination of various groups based on their race, religion, or political beliefs.
  4. Euthanasia Program: The Nazis initiated a program known as Aktion T4, which involved the systematic killing of mentally and physically disabled individuals. This program laid the groundwork for the Holocaust.
  5. Kristallnacht: Also known as the Night of Broken Glass, this was a pogrom against Jews throughout Nazi Germany on November 9-10, 1938. Synagogues were destroyed, Jewish-owned businesses were looted and vandalised and many Jews were arrested or killed.
  6. Forced Labour: The Nazis forced millions of people, including Jews and other prisoners of war, to work under brutal conditions in labour camps and factories.
  7. Persecution of Political Opponents: The Nazis persecuted and executed political opponents, including communists, socialists, and other individuals who opposed the Nazi regime.
  8. Invasion and Occupation of Countries: The invasion of sovereign nations and the occupation of territories by the Nazis violated international law and led to widespread suffering and death.

Relax folks! Some Nazis felt uneasy some of the time.


Apparently Mr Murray does not like being referred to as a Nazi apologist

Make your own mind up.

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