Robot workers, self-driving cars and us – learn about the role of trade unions in the twenty-first century

With uncertainly about the future of work, a new talk at Shire Hall will discuss the ways Trade Unions are as important as ever.
In the historic courthouse that saw the landmark trial of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, questions will be discussed about the place of trade unions in today’s economy. Kate Bell, Head of the Rights, International, Social and Economics department at the Trade Union Congress (TUC) will be giving a talk entitled ‘Trade Unions in the Twenty-First Century’ at Shire Hall Historic Courthouse Museum in Dorchester, on 15 November at 7pm.
She said: “The talk will be about the challenges facing the world of work in the future. We’re hearing a lot about robots and artificial intelligence and how our jobs will be taken over. Then the reality of work for a lot of people currently is they are on low pay or zero hours contracts.”
The talk will look at how the TUC can help with these challenges and make sure that workers in the UK have a voice, both now and into the future.
Kate urged everyone who was interested in finding out more to come to the talk. She said: “We represent people from across the economy, from artists to bus drivers to nuclear scientists and people working on the front line of retail.”
She added that trade unions were there to ‘amplify workers’ voices at work,’ whether they need help with a dispute or had ideas about how to make the company and business better. Kate said: “If you think joining together with other people is a good way to do it then a Trade Union is for you.”
Tickets are £5 and for more information or to book visit The talk is part of the 150th anniversary celebrations of the TUC. The accompanying exhibition will be on display at Shire Hall until 18 November. Entry is free to the exhibition, with a valid museum annual pass.