The Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders, has once again proven the political enemies’ salivation and subsequent assaults do not stick. Bernie’s people powered movement funded by ordinary people, rather than white men in Brioni suits is one step closer to gaining power, and now faces a two-horse race with Joe Biden. While writing this article, Super Tuesday sees Bernie on 441 delegates for the nominations for the Democrat Party President candidacy. While Joe Biden (former Vice President) took the lead with 507 delegates – figures that can’t determine a favourite. However, this has not come easy for Bernie. A succession of attacks from rivals has seen him need to overcome downright viciousness that would usually destroy a politician’s campaign. We expect, especially so in American politics, for there to be consistent attacks on opponents. Yet I did not expect attacks from Elizabeth Warren – a life-long ‘friend’ of Bernie – who held apparent similar beliefs.

Before the democrat nomination began, the pair whom have a close relationship, made a pact declaring they would not attack one another during the campaign. Only Bernie kept his promise. Consequently, he is now looking to head into the two-horse race with pride and self-respect without Warren’s promised support. Warren began scheming on 14th January when she decided to morph into a moderate leaning politician. A politician that would stop at nothing to take power for herself. The first proverbial punch thrown from Warren when she called Bernie a ‘liar’ on live TV. This was an utterly false accusation and Warren lost all dignity by picking a fight she was inevitably going to lose because she had absolutely zero evidence. Bernie simply outlined a reasonable summary of a private conversation that happened between Warren and Sanders prior to the campaign. Warren backstabbed a close friend and close ally (Bernie) in broad daylight. A cheap shot that may have been forgiven if she didn’t keep seeking Bernie’s blood.

After the first punch thrown didn’t make contact, Elizabeth Warren tried again. This time she had support of all other fellow candidates to bring down a man who merely wants to help helpless citizens. Sanders was obviously favourable from attacks. Being in pole position, fellow predatory candidates would want to knock him – they tried exactly this. Every single candidate was throwing their sticks and stones at Bernie. Arguably successful considering Joe Biden on South Carolina by a large margin. However, you could argue that the endorsement from James Clyburn (former House Majority Whip) was the pivotal point for Biden, considering Clyburn’s endorsements led to Kerry and Clinton having mass support from African American communities in 2004 and 2016 respectively. Moreover, Elizabeth joined the theatrical drama in the South Carolina debate, which was similar to a public execution, and tried to differentiate herself from Senator Sanders by claiming he has no plan for Medicare for All, while also claiming she does. She does, but it’s no longer a Medicare for All plan that aligns with her supposed socialist beliefs. Warren was found guilty of cosying up to medical investors, subsequently clouding doubt about a substantial Medicare plan for all of America. This was another shot missed by Warren, she successfully differentiated herself from Bernie, but not for a good cause. She has now become one of them. A hyena waiting to scavenge on blood should they smell it.

The failure of Warren’s final attack was on the surface – subsidiary. She remained in the campaign on the eve of Super Tuesday. She had no purpose to persist. She should have stuck with the left-wing community by dropping out and endorsing the only socialist left – Sen. Bernie Sanders. The moderate nominees did this, and arguably done this with supreme execution, as Biden was once a candidate close to being written off, and now has a one in two chance of being nominated for the Democrat Party. If Warren would have dropped out, there was a high chance her supporters would have vacated to the Bernie Camp, earning him more delegates. Instead, Bernie is forced to wait for her hopefully inevitable endorsement, she could be the clincher which splits Sanders and Biden at the end of the race.

To recover from spoiling the socialist pact, Elizabeth Warren must concede, resign as nominee and subsequently endorse Bernie. Should she not do this America will once again be stained with a President that won’t help vulnerable people and instead take care of the rich stimulating their daily greed. Whether she endorses Bernie or not, he should be very careful of nominating her as his VP. She broke a pact once, there’s every chance she would do it again in the White House. The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour. Bernie should now look elsewhere for his Vice President nomination.

Davey Gray

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