South Dorset Labour Party is delighted to announce the selection of Portland Councillor, Carralyn Parkes, as Labour’s candidate for the South Dorset seat in the next General Election. Carralyn is an Artist and Art Historian, a former Weymouth College lecturer, and has responsibility for Heritage, Portland Museum, and Victoria Gardens, on Portland Town Council. She has also been endorsed by UNITE, the union, as Labour’s South Dorset Candidate.Carralyn says, “Richard Drax, and his Government, have driven down living standards for ordinary working people in South Dorset.
He has consistently supported measures that have cut resources to schools, hospitals, social housing, the very infrastructure that is the fabric of society. He has saddled our young people with massive student debts and done little to address the seasonal low paid zero hours economy that blights the lives of many in this constituency. He has also repeatedly voted against measures to mitigate climate change, whilst Labour’s ‘New Green Deal’ will prioritise taking affirmative action to protect our environment before it is too late. 
I look forward to campaigning on Labour’s progressive policies to properly fund education, health, housing, jobs, the environment and abolish student debt, in order to win this seat for Labour and create a South Dorset that offers a bright future for all constituents.