Shipwrecked – Why I’m Boycotting it

Reality TV tainting body image

Big brother was the OG, the real introduction to reality TV. I know, the last few series were painful to watch. But, you’ve got to give it to the producers and Channel 4, for putting this show out there. No matter how much we talk trash about this show. The first few series had over four millions viewers watching. The show gave the viewers at home a look into what isn’t in your house, who isn’t in your friendship circle and what politicians really behave like (meow.) It was the birth of Jade Goody, your typical working-class girl. The introduction to Nadia Almada, one of the first transgender women to appear on TV. Then there was Pete Bennett who had severe Tourrett’s. As much as you may bash BB, it gave us an insight into the whole of society and everyone in it, unlike…

Love Island – where the contestants are all in the early ’20s and are either models or fitness instructors. The worst thing is, for 10 days before entering the villa, the contestants go on ‘Love Island Lock Down’ Where they work out every day and eat “clean” (what does that even mean?!) Let’s hope the new advertising stance from CMA, will stop them trying to flog lollipop suppressants, “weight loss coffee” (bullshit) and meal replacement shakes. (Just do your 10,000 steps and learn about calorie deficit)  Love Island, it seems, has missed the body confidence boat and yet so many young people could have been inspired by it. Instead of allowing all shapes and sizes on to the programme, it’s the usual group of preening, botoxed, instafamous wannabes desperate for their 15 seconds of fame and an influencer deal with BooHoo.

Our perception of body image has become damaged by these tainted #ad Instagrammers that we believe we should look like these people, be like these people and live like them. It’s these people’s jobs to be like this, they are paid to look like that, do you think holding down an ACTUAL career would give you time to look like Georgia Steel or Kendall Jenner? No, it doesn’t and it won’t unless you don’t want any friends or to never see your family again. When I get home after a long stressful day, I want to eat salt and vinegar crisps and eat dinner AT THE SAME TIME!

Now, Shipwrecked, it’s been off our screens for nearly 10 years, but they will be the next generation of fake and unattainable body types. Which airs tonight and I assure you, I will not be watching. I am boycotting. Even though I am a broadcast journalist and understand that ratings keep me in a job. I will not be giving Shipwrecked the satisfaction of having my extra rating. I have made a pact with myself to not watch Love Island or anything that taints the reality of body image, so that will include shipwrecked.

Sophie Cridland