‘Shocking’ Verdict For Campaigners at High Court

We were very shocked to hear today that our case was not upheld at Judicial Review.

We were at the Hearing and we repeatedly witnessed the CCG being unable to respond to the genuine concerns that we raised.

Risk to Dorset Residents

This Judgement does nothing to address the clinical risk to Dorset residents who would have to to travel further in an emergency. The CCG calculated from the Ambulance Trust Report, which was about actual Dorset patients attending Poole A&E and Maternity by ambulance last year, that over 4 months 132 were at potential risk of harm from longer journey time, this is 396 Dorset residents over a year. A Dorset A&E Dr said almost half of the cases in the Report were in imminent danger of dying if they had to travel for longer to access help. We calculate 180 people per year going to Poole A&E by ambulance are at risk of dying as a result of these changes. This does not include the risk to mothers-to-be and children as most are excluded from these figures as they do not get to A&E by ambulance. There were almost 600 maternity emergencies treated at Poole last year and 250 newborns needed neo natal intensive or high dependency care at Poole. This care is no longer available at Dorset County.

Considering Appeal

We have 21 days to consider whether to seek leave to Appeal. We will speak to the QC in our legal team later this week. We need to consider the health of the Claimant, who has stood up for us all, and whose health is not as good as it was when we began this process last Autumn.

Health Scrutiny Councillors – stand up for residents!

Judicial Review is not the only way to challenge these dangerous plans. Dorset County Council Health Scrutiny Councillors are considering referring the plans for Independent Review. We need our Councillors to stand up for residents lives, and meet their statutory duty to refer health plans that do not improve services for residents.

What can I do?

If you live in Dorset County Council area (not Poole or Bournemouth) please let the Dorset Health Scrutiny Committee Clerk Denise Hunt [email protected] know your concerns. Please be polite! Please also email the Councillor on the Committee sub group considering referral who is closest to the area that you live in:

East Dorset: Ray Bryan [email protected]
West Dorset: Peter Shorland [email protected]
Purbeck: Tim Morris [email protected]
North Dorset: Bill Batty Smith [email protected]
Linden Lea: Nick Ireland [email protected]

Defend Dorset NHS