Think about that for a second. The study last year published in the British Medical Journal Open stated that 120,000 (approx 130,000 now) people in the UK DIED EARLIER THAN THEY SHOULD HAVE because of this Tory government’s policies!!

Of course, the people dying are mostly the poorest, the vulnerable, the disabled.

‘Social murder’ is a phrase first coined by Friedrich Engels in 1845 in which “those who hold social and political control place millions of proletarians (the public) in such a position that they inevitably meet a too early and an unnatural death”. That is what is happening right now in the UK!

In separate figures published by the British Medical Journal, for the first time since 1870, the gap between life expectancy for the rich and the poor is growing! The gap is currently 9.3 years for men and 7.5 years for women! That’s how much longer the rich live in the UK than the poor!

And the gap is growing….. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 150 YEARS!!

The biggest reasons for this shocking ‘killing of poor people by our own government’ are: forcing 14 million into poverty; the destruction of our public services; the appalling attack on our Welfare State; and the deadly cuts to our NHS and to Social Care.

If you care about this, please watch this short film….. and please don’t vote for the Tories! #SaveOurNHS #VoteLabour

So you’re thinking of voting Conservative 2019

At this crucial moment for our National Health Service, here's why we're asking, if you want to protect the NHS, then please think again if you're planning on voting Conservative. #GE2019 #VoteNHS

Posted by Health Campaigns Together on Sunday, 17 November 2019

Tom Lane