A man looks out of his window and suddenly he is an expert on young people.

The state of these people who believe that embarrassing themselves on TV is more important than empirical data and facts.

“A lot of people like to go after young people, and go on about how easy they have it – young people have been screwed over for ages!”

Guardian columnist Owen Jones says young people work “very hard”, but have been saddled with rising house prices, falling wages, job insecurity, education debt, stagnating living standards and mediocre pensions..

The reality when one bothers to get out and about.

Chances for young people to live independently, without external financial support, have been detrimentally impacted by lack of opportunities to access secure well-paid employment. Increasingly, employment opportunities for those without qualifications tend to be insecure and poorly paid (Bell & Blanchflower, 2013; Ellison, 2017). Changes in work contracts, wages and house prices have each contributed to forming, what has been termed, “generation rent”, with young people more likely to rent than own their own home than in previous generations (McKee et al., 2020). The high demand in the private rental sector alongside the short, insecure nature of many employment and housing contracts often means that young people can find it necessary to return home to their families (Heath, 2018). For some young people, family provide key supports to enable young people to move out of the family home and often continue to provide financial means as well as housing when things do not go as planned (Chiuri & Del Boca, 2010; Hill et al., 2017). However, for those without a parental or family safety net, housing conditions are precarious and further complicated by the stringent conditions that are frequently attached to tenancies (Watts et al., 2014).

As can be seen below getting on the housing ladder is nothing like Tony from Northampton’s window gazing:

Put the uninformed opinions to bed and reach for the facts.

No one wants ‘IGNORANT TW**’ on their gravestone.

Jason Cridland

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