Other funerals have not been banned on the day of the Queen’s funeral

Many have claimed that funerals, burials and cremations will be banned on Monday, but there is no formal requirement for this. Some operators may choose to close, however. The Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management said they understand some funerals have been postponed as a result of this, but that the majority of funerals would go ahead as planned.How much will the Queen’s funeral cost?
Many have been speculating about the cost of the Queen’s funeral, but there is no official estimate. Other royal funerals have cost up to about £8m in today’s money. The economic impact of an additional bank holiday could be billions of pounds.

Viral video does not show the Queen throwing food at ‘African’ children

A video circulating on social media supposedly shows the Queen throwing food at African children. But a reverse-image search shows the footage was filmed well before the Queen was born. It actually shows French women throwing coins to Vietnamese children.

Wetherspoons has not stopped selling condoms for a ‘royal period of mourning’
A number of high profile Twitter accounts have shared an image supposedly showing Wetherspoons halting the sale of condoms for a ‘royal period of mourning’. But the sign is fake and they don’t sell condoms anyway.

The Royal Family doesn’t have £73 billion to ‘share’ around the UK
You might have seen speculation online and in the media about the wealth of the Royal Family. In particular, claims that their ‘£73bn net worth’ might be better redistributed among the population. But this isn’t possible because part of that £73bn estimate includes intangible value, like tourism revenue created by the monarchy. As such, this could not be liquidated and redistributed as suggested.

The government hasn’t quietly proposed banning unions
Widely shared social media posts suggest that government plans to ban unions have been quietly proposed while the news is focused on coverage of the Queen. But the evidence for this is a digitally manipulated image designed to look like the government website.

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