Dear Mr Loder

Speaking to the villagers of Portesham on the 1st February, I note that you are asking for questions to be put to you before the meeting in case someone with opposing views to your own might dare to speak. I’m sure that you, with the gonads of a flea and a proud picket line scab, wouldn’t dare let me speak, so here are some questions for you anyway. 

Why do my friends and loved ones in education have to pay barely above the minimum wage? Why must one of them have five jobs, frequently working solidly from 4 a.m. on Thursday morning to 5 p.m. on Friday, and still earn considerably less than I do from my part-time job in the private sector?

Why must I pay my dentist £36 a month instead of having access to NHS dentistry? Mine ceased working with the NHS this month. Why does a kid of 25 I know have to travel to Yeovil to get a tooth out on the NHS?

Social housing. Why is there a 20+ year waiting list for it, yet luxury housing is built for £800,000 a piece locally? Where do those on income, such as my friend, live in this part of Dorset?

Travel and the environment. When will we see effective rural bus services in this part of the county? In Portesham, we are reasonably lucky to have the Jurassic Coaster X53, but these don’t run nearly as regularly as might be required for someone to commute to work and back. 

As a grey haired old lefty, I love the NHS. When I became seriously ill in my 20s, I was seen and looked after to the highest standards. Why then, have I seen 14 suicides in the time since your party came into power? Never mind dribbling nutters (myself included), when will the NHS be fully funded?

You grandly put through a sentient beings law through Parliament. Are foxes sentient? When will Dorset Police properly enforce the laws against fox hunting? When will the South Dorset Hunt be brought to heel?

What about our environment? Does your party give anything more than a flying fig for the climate? What are you planning to do to stop climate change? When will the village see green energy?

Staying on the environment, when will turds stop washing up on our beaches? I know you gleefully polish turds (most of your party’s policies, indeed), but when will these be stopped?

I know this is a good old fashioned rotten borough with you blindly doing the bidding of Lady Townsend, but when will you act for the majority of your constituents who haven’t won the game of Monopoly for real?

Yours faithfully 

Richard Shrubb


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