South East Dorset Green Party invites Labour and Lib Dems to discuss strategy to oust Tories

Dear Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch Labour and Liberal Democrats.
The South East Dorset Green Party (SEDGP) invites members of both your parties to join us for a meeting to discuss the upcoming general election and the potential for co-operation in the constituencies of Bournemouth East and West, Poole, Mid Dorset and North Poole, and Christchurch, all of which SEDGP covers.

At the moment, we have candidates ready to stand and represent the Green Party in each constituency covered by the SEDGP. However, we would like to meet to explore the options to give local residents the best opportunity to vote for change. We believe through co-operation and agreement on some key issues we can deliver a number of MPs across this area who believe in a more progressive type of politics, including a pro-European stance and a call for proportional representation to deliver a government which represents the votes of British people.

Britain is at a crossroads with the divide between rich and poor getting larger, this is particularly prevalent across all of our constituencies which contain some of the richest and some of the poorest areas in the country. We ask for this meeting to give the residents of these constituencies the best possible chance of opposing the Tory cuts, keeping our NHS public, putting forward ideas for a fairer economy and protecting our environment.
Whilst signalling a willingness to work together might be difficult, we hope you’ll agree to meet with us and work together, to build towards a more positive politics and more secure future for all of our constituents.

Yours Sincerely

South East Dorset Green Party