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‘Spineless, violent coward’ attacks Labour canvasser

Following on from hearing about OAPs and others being assaulted out campaigning for Labour all over the country, BECAUSE of the outright lies of the CONservatives, Brexit Party and media, it happened to me today, too. I was punched and pushed. Thankfully it was me, and I have a thick skin and am big enough not to be knocked over. He didn’t intimidate me at all*, and was a pathetic coward who ran away back into his house after realising his pathetic cowardly act didn’t work. I will never be intimated by spineless, violent cowards.

I share this to point out to those supporting and perpetuating the outright lies of the CONservatives and Brexit Party specifically, that you now know the direct affect your lies are having on people. We are lucky this was me and not an elderly campaigner. Vote how you want, but stop lying and for goodness sake take RESPONSIBILITY for what you are voting for & endorsing. Stop burying your heads in the sand and OWN what you support.

This has made me even more determined to make sure we have a Labour Party victory on Thursday 12th December. Anything worth having is rarely easy. We are not intimidated. You do not scare us. You are spineless cowards.

*He didn’t remotely intimidate me. We were talking about NHS, and he used to work for NHS and his wife currently does. He was complaining of lack of funding and waiting lists etc. I pointed out it’s the Tories in power at Westminster! I pointed out that Johnson is going to sell off the NHS. He said he knew that. I asked him why he would support that, because, though he is entitled to his opinion, to me that was insanity. You could see the penny drop in his face/mind.

Then as he didn’t have an answer, he leapt from his doorway and punched me in chest, then pushed me, smashing plant pots. Then when I said “and?” He swore a lot and threatened to phone the police. So I said ring them and I would wait. He then swore and when he saw he wasn’t intimidating me, he ran into his house and I shouted at him that he was a pathetic coward. It freaked out the lad with and he was upset. His first campaigning session!

Adam Samuels


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