Stay safe and warm!

The Met Office has forecast extreme cold, significant wind chill, snow and freezing rain in Dorset.

There are currently weather warnings in place for Dorset for Thursday and Friday. This covers high winds, frequent heavy snow showers and freezing rain.

Temperatures could drop to around -7 during the evenings and will be around freezing for during the day.

This is up to the end of the weekend, but we will update this page as we receive updates. However, you can check your local area at any time on the Met Office website. 

Storm Emma

Storm Emma is likely to hit Dorset on Thursday,  Friday.

This is likely to continue from Thursday through to Friday morning. With strong winds also forecase, we will likely see blizzards and snow drifts.

This could culminate in snow up to 20cm deep, particularly in higher areas.

Check on your neighbours

If you have elderly neighbours who might find these wintry conditions challenging, why not call round to see if they are ok and warm enough? Find out more information on keeping warm and well. 


We operate a Severe Weather Emergency Protocol, this means if the weather is close to freezing for three nights we can place anyone who is homeless in emergency bed and breakfast accommodation.

If you have concerns about anyone who may be sleepinng rough, you can contact Streetlinkon 0300 500 0914.

Challenging road conditions

Residents are urged to check the Travel Dorset pages before making any journeys.

If you have to make essential trips, maybe think about packing a shovel, a blanket and a warm drink.

Dorset Highways is continuing to salt the road network.

There is currently a warning from the Met Office that icy conditions could become extremely hazardous on Saturday as freezing rain and ice hits Dorset. Please take extra care when driving and walking around the county.


Up-to-date information about which schools are open can be found on our website. But please check with your school to confirm.

The current situation for our 179 schools (at midday, Thursday):

  • 159 closed
  • 4 partially closed
  • 16 no disruption

All Dorset County Council contracted transport has been cancelled today (Thursday) and tomorrow. Multiple forecasts indicate #stormemma will cause disruption this afternoon and overnight. This includes all day centres, SEND transport, school buses and taxis.

This does not necessarily mean that schools are closed, but if you take your child to school you must organise the return journey.

Public Transport

Although public transport operators are not running county council school routes they will continue to provide a bus service if they can, but this may change if road conditions are not safe. Keep up to date and only travel if necessary.

Rubbish and recycling

Severe weather may affect collections over the next few days. Look out for updates about your area.

If you think your collection has been missed, leave your bins at the kerbside and we will return to empty them as soon as conditions allow.

Household recycling centres (HRCs) may be closed at short notice due to severe weather. We advise against travelling to these sites until conditions improve.

You can find out more information about disruption to bin collections and HRCs here.