Following yesterday’s High Court summing up,

many people who were either directly impacted or just want the UK tabloids cleaned up have had their say. Among them is the actor Steve Coogan.

Steve Coogan rightfully commended Prince Harry for his courageous stance after a judge confirmed the hacking of the royal’s phone by the Daily Mirror. The actor and advocate for press integrity praised Harry for breaking away from a presumed agreement between the tabloid press and other royals, terming it an alleged “Faustian pact.”

Following Judge Timothy Fancourt’s ruling, acknowledging widespread and habitual phone hacking at the Mirror since 1998, Coogan applauded the Duke of Sussex’s decision to pursue the High Court case. He emphasised that 15 out of the 33 articles presented in court were proven to result from phone hacking or illegal information gathering.

Steve Coogan

Expressing admiration for Harry’s bold move, Coogan emphasised the significance of the ruling, stating it had been long overdue. While acknowledging he isn’t a staunch supporter of the monarchy, Coogan lauded the prince’s divergence from the alleged agreement between the Royal Family and tabloids.

Coogan also highlighted the need for media industry reform, criticising the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) as a mere façade of self-regulation in the newspaper domain and calling for a more accountable press. Coogan also exposed the British tabloid press as liars if they pursue the narrative of freedom of speech, given how much of their content has to fit with the agenda of their billionaire owners.

These comments from Coogan followed Piers Morgan’s accusations of Harry’s hypocrisy regarding privacy issues. Despite this, Harry remained resolute in his mission to challenge tabloid practices, notably mentioning Morgan in response to the recent ruling.

Like many who regard Piers Morgan as a puffed-up parasite, we applaud those who take on the corporate media and expose them for what they are.

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