Still in the shit

It won’t be long until we’re all asked to vote in the local elections. I accept that we still have to get through the rest of Christmas, New Year and Easter but on Thursday, 5th May 2016 we’ll all be trekking down to our local polling stations to support our chosen political party and its candidate.

The problem isn’t in casting our votes. It’s in choosing something to vote for, and that won’t be easy when all the political parties vie for our attention on the streets and in the media with what they laughingly refer to as ‘the truth’.

For example, we’ll probably be told that, over the last six years, the Coalition government and the Tory government have been reducing the UK’s debt. However, the UK has one of the world’s highest levels of national debt and when politicians tell us that the deficit is being reduced, they don’t actually mean that our level of debt is coming down. What they are trying to tell us is that our national debt is actually growing but it’s not growing as fast as it was.

In other words, things are getting worse but they are getting worse at a slightly slower pace.

To me, this means that we’ve been suffering badly from the tactics of Cameron, Clegg and Osborne for six years, we’re still in the shit and the shit is getting deeper. But what does it mean to you?

The Tea Maker

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The Tea Maker