A cautionary notice for robust winds has been issued for numerous coastal regions in southern England, as the UK braces itself for turbulent weather conditions preceding Easter, courtesy of Storm Nelson.

As per the Met Office, the advisory spans from 7am to 6pm on Thursday and covers a stretch from locales such as St Ives and Penzance in the South West, extending eastward to Brighton. Weather forecasters have warned of gusts potentially reaching speeds of 70mph, accompanied by the possibility of hail and thunderstorms.

“The combination of strong winds and high coastal waves could create perilous situations,” cautioned the Met Office. They further highlighted potential disruptions to transportation networks, including ferry services, and noted a “slight chance” of power outages. Additionally, there’s a risk of physical harm and property damage due to large waves and debris being hurled onto coastal fronts, roads, and properties.

Christopher England, a weather producer, elaborated that the vigorous coastal gusts would coincide with intense, intermittent showers carrying the risk of hail and thunder. He noted that the unsettled conditions would persist into the following week, with continued heavy showers or prolonged periods of rain, along with gusts nearing 70mph near Channel coastlines, courtesy of Storm Nelson. However, he expressed optimism that showers would become less frequent over the weekend, accompanied by milder temperatures.

Anticipated temperatures for Saturday in London could soar to 14°C (57°F), surpassing those of Madrid. The Met Office predicted that Wednesday would witness the onset of rain across England and Wales, while Northern Ireland would experience ongoing showers. Conversely, Scotland is expected to transition to dry conditions overnight.

Thursday is forecast to bring northward-moving showers across most regions. Regarding the Easter weekend, the Met Office anticipates blustery showers on Good Friday, particularly prevalent in southern and western areas. Similar weather patterns are expected on Saturday, albeit with brighter conditions forecasted for northern and eastern regions. Easter Sunday is slated to be the most favourable day of the week, with conditions deteriorating as Monday approaches.

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